My Favorite 6 Fashion Trends In This Early Winter


First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you spent some good times with your families or friends or at least enjoyed some well-baked turkey. Since I’m totally not fond of turkey, I spent my thanksgiving night at a really authentic Italian restaurant called La Lanterna di Vittorio in Manhattan Greenwich village. If you happen to be in New York, I seriously recommend you to try it out! They have some really good lasagne and authentic pizza that my mind just couldnt help constantly and consciously thinking about them.

Today I would like to share some of my favorite fall outfit photos that I took during my travel to California and Oregon from last week. I realize that whenever I travel I could get so serious in planning my travel wardrobe ahead, and as a result I usually tend to bring with me some of my favorite pieces because I want to make sure that I will have some amazing pictures taken by leveraging different city backdrops, not just in New York!

So below are my favorite 6 trends and styles for this early winter, and I’ll also show you how I did the mix-and-match in wearing them during my travel:

1. Asymmetric Cold Shoulder

2. Ruffles

3. Metal Heels

4. Track Pants

5. Patch Coat

6. Metal hardware accessories

Look 1:  Asymmetric Cold Shoulder   x   Ruffles   x   Metal Heels

I can never resist the charisma in Ruffles, and I would love to share with you all my all-time favorite ruffle skirt! The silhouette of a midi skirt can really help to elongate the legs and make you look much taller.



Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Look 2:  Track Pants   x    Metal Hardware Accessorizing

Are you aware that the athletic-looking striped pants has been omnipresent in this season? I chose to wear the very safe black and white combination but in fact I’d love to try wearing other colors too! I paired the pants with a metal hardware belt to add some rock elements and to make the whole look not so boring.



Look 3: Patch Coat   x   Track Pants  x   Metal Heels

I purchased this patch coat from Zara, but if you want, you can totally do-it-yourself by pinning some cute patches on your existing coats. Unleash your maximum creativity!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

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Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Last but not least, one bonus tip:

FISHNET is also huge in this season!

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Happy Holiday once again and I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

And don’t forget to be thankful for having donuts and coffee in life!



Somewhere inside my styling mind along the transformation path from a girl to an independent woman lies a forcing signal that I should get rid of all the girly minidresses.
Hope that everyone who’s reading this blog right now had spent a great time in Valentines! For me this valentines feels really different yet special because I am no longer in a relationship, so I have decided to share a little of my inside world about being an independent individual after ending my 6-year relationship.

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Greeting from the beautiful Highline in NYC!
Here is a simple sharing of one summer afternoon when I was wandering with my best friend Polly in the city
For a truly busy “Citadin” like everyone of us,
when would you try to stop and admire the simple yet profound pleasure your surrounding scenery  has served you?

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One-Day in London by Mush


While I was bending backward trying very hard just to take a selfie with the Big Ben on the bridge, a photographer came forward and asked, ” Do you want me to take a picture for you?” His friendliness and courtesy as a local British quickly led me move away from the awkward state that I usually fall into with strangers, and my one-day tour visiting all the attractions surrounding London Zone 1 had by this way begun 🙂
All items in my closet lately has almost become black and white, it may be a little dull for usual days but I think it’s unexpectedly perfect for travel, especially in such a beautiful city London, it’s because you will never want to overshine the gorgeous backdrops in a picture. So when I knew that I was going to do sightseeing all day I chose to wear this outfit, simple but very chic.
Lastly, special thanks to my tourist guide and photographer again, Thank you Mush! I will see you next time !
當我在橋上60度向後拗腰嘗試要和大笨鐘來一張合照時,一位拿著一台相機的當地攝影師上前笑著問:你需要幫忙嗎?如果平日我是很容易對陌生人顯得非常冷淡的,但他就好像一位導遊一樣,非常友善的給我介紹了大笨鐘,還圍繞著倫敦的Zone One一帶遂一遂一給我介紹每個名勝,最後他也陷入攝影師的習慣指揮著我要站到那一點那一個角度去幫我拍了很多照片 🙂 今天就在這裡跟大家分享一下其中一些照片




London China Town
Found something signature in London – The Red Telephone Booth
8 (1)_副本_131_副本_1
My Favorite Place – The Covent Garden



Say Hi to Mr. Big Ben
It looked a little grumpy on that day, so did I :p

5 (1)_副本_1

bumped into a street with color buildings



just right in front of Beckingham Palace

4 (1)_副本_1




Still got lots of picture in London to share, so….see you soon!




All in Hue

One of my favorite places in the world except Paris will be this ancient but modern city –  London
Last night my dearest friend Meview and me went out for a very fine dinner in Covent Garden, which personally I think the place has the shadow of some Paris normal farm markets.
It’s almost July but you can hardly feel that it’s actually summertime here
the weather is renowned to be humid,wet, rainy, dull, and whatever negative terms about weather that you can think of!
But I just don’t wanna leave this beautiful city, it is very small street where a sense of art, literature, fashion and modernism pervade
昨晚跟Mew Mew兩個女人到Covent Garden大吃了一餐
我自己是對Covent Gardenn情有獨鍾的,因為我覺得它很像法國那些小市場,很有風味
I will keep sharing my journey with you…



Love ,



A Subtle Statement + Big Giveaways!

reserved in soft tone
well well since i am updating the blog using the computer of my school now in London, I got no Chinese typing option..sorry about that 😦
After a crazy week in Korea with my bestie Cherry, it’s time to work hard again!
Over the past few months I have been trying to save some money just for taking a short fashion design course here at Central Saint Martins, London, and that is from where I am sitting down and using the computer to update my blog! :p
But today I am not sharing any recent pics of me in London but some pictures which were taken by my another bestie, Polly, while I was having my final week in NYC last month. She’s been very interested in photography, so we kinda like teaming up and made fun for our day by taking lots of  lots of pictures around NYC.
(Polly! I miss your uncle’s cooking! )
I will be updating more often once I get back to my home computer in Macao, and of course with Chinese version too!
Last but not least, I wish everyone has a great time in this very beginning of your summer holidays 🙂 Just like me, I am very much enjoying my stay in London 🙂 I find myself falling deep in love with London!! 
Whenever I want to dress up to be feminine, the color of white will forever first pop up in my mind. Have you ever tried to dress up all in white? If not, please do! Dressing in all-white gives people an impression of purity, softness and extraordinary femininity. In fact I am finding my wardrobe being dominated by white-color clothes in recent months!
Also, being all in white is not the only choice. Try  adding a little statement to your outfit, like here I am putting on a very pale pink jacket, which I think it still works well in terms of color tone, and still giving a sense of feminine softness to the whole look at the same time. And what if you are the kind of person who says NO to pink?Nevermind,making a contrasting statement instead by adding black to your outfit and make a silent statement with attitude.dsc03782_副本
Lady M time with Polly
Accidentally interrupted into a photoshoot for a business magazine near City Hall
See you next time 🙂


Pay attention! Here comes your chance to win the outfit that I am

wearing here!



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(In this post I am wearing the white set as you can see from the right-hand side)

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 good luck!

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Life Back at Home

Truly happy that I can spend my time with this little cutie again
Hello Everyone! Sorry for leaving this blog empty for almost two weeks! As I recently got back to my hometown – Macao for my summer vacation, things around me have never been easy, though i thought they would be 😦 But it’s ok! Things are gonna be better within these two months!
Say bye to NYC for two months! All we should leave some time  for our families right? ;> And of course, my dearest, most loving friends back here 🙂
So, I am picking up writing again by sharing my recent life in Macao! As some of you may have noticed, lately I have a great inclination towards long pants! Yes .. as a matter of fact (which is really cruel.. ), I did gain some weights, again. It’s like an inevitable routine that every time I reunite with all of my dears I just lose control with my eating order! So.. I better do a little bit cover up before I work hard again to re-shape the body:p
回到澳門快兩個星期了,說實話這次回家有很多不如意的事發生,近日心情也大受影響,不過不要緊,我相信更好的事一定會發生在這兩個月內令我這趟回澳之旅變得跟以往一樣精彩 :)
所以這次跟大家分享一下近照吧!最近回到澳門我都經常穿長褲上街,因為…哈哈在紐約真的沒怎樣感覺到自己胖胖的,但回到這邊幾乎街上每個女生都比你瘦很多的感覺真的不怎麼好受呀T^T 不過其實我知道這根本只是一個循環,因為我開心時對吃東西是完全沒有自制能力的!能夠看見我所有身邊的"親愛的人"我是比較看重開心的感覺喇,所以在再度努力之前就先好好掩飾一下吧!


In Hong Kong Central
I know that the back side of these pants are not shown in the picture, but they are divided into the front part (which is black in color)  and the back part ( Which is white)
I love these pants a lot since they are made with light fabric ! So I think it’s perfect for summer if you would like to wear something more boyish
(Picture being taken in Hong Kong^^)



recently obsessed with milky orange lips 🙂




Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 11

The very first incident I encountered after landing at the Las Vegas Airport last month (April) was that.. my luggage had been loaded up to the wrong flight!
It took me 3 hours to wait for my luggage, so in the meantime we decided to go a fantastic Italian restaurant for dinner, a restaurant with gorgeous interior design!
Ok back to my point, why did I name this post “Las Vegas all-time Fashion”? Seriously this was the second time for me to  realise that almost every girl in Las Vegas dresses in a single, direct, predictable style. (my boyfriend and me call it Casino Chics Uniform xD) But I can totally see why! The first reason must be the weather.. it’s just too hot to put on any fashionable clothing on yourself! And the second reason I think it’s kind of interesting, that is, most of the night clubs and restaurants in Vegas have a dress code ( that means you have to dress up in order to enter to the place and have dinner or drink) Btw this time we chose to stay in two different hotels: 1.Cosmopolitan Las Vegas and 2. Palm Casino Resort. Obviously Cosmopolitan has a better standing and is more renowned in Vegas, but I definitely prefer Palms over Cosmo! Palms provides everything you need as if you are living in your own apartment, you can even cook and bake with all the utensils available in the room!
I have packed four spring outfits in my luggage but I ended up having a silly notion that I didnt want to wear anything at all! The weather in Vegas was crazily hot and stuffy, so most of the pieces that i brought over to Vegas from my wardrobe in New York became  instantly and totally unwearable..
So guess what…! I finally aligned myself with their “tradition” and dressed up exactly like one of them! xD
上個月第一時間到達拉斯維加斯機場發生的事件竟然是我的行李被寄存到另多一存飛機上!當我被告知要等3個小時才能拿回我的行李,我跟Philippi就立刻趕到去一間裝潢很美麗的意大利餐廳吃個晚飯,很想念那家的Pasta 呀!!!
這次想跟大家分享說一下的事就如大家看到標題一樣:拉斯維加斯女生的清一色衣著, 哈哈
十個女生從你身邊經過十個都是打扮成為一式一樣衣著的“賭場女性“, 同一樣的很少布,同一樣的很性感, 同一樣的極度貼身
但其實這不難理解的,因為那邊的天氣實在是難以忍受的熱! 而且夜店或賭場裡面的餐廳大部份都有著裝標準, 例如去夜店的女隊子一定要穿高跟難,男的要打呔, 去餐廳不可以穿拖鞋這類的要求! 另外的題外話,這次我們入住了 1. Cosmopolitan Las Vegas 和 2. Palms Casino Resort 這兩間酒店, Cosmopolitan在那邊算比較新穎的酒店,但我其實非常喜歡像palms一樣有些少住宅式的感覺,如果有朋友下次去LAS VEGAS玩的,我很推薦Palms這間呀^_^
Arriving at the airport at night
Picture taken in Town Square in Las Vegas! It’s ‘TOWN Square’, not the one that’s in New York which is ‘TIME Square’ :p
This is the Italian restaurant that I mentioned above
nice decor!!
1 6
My makeup was literally melting down just within a breakfast time…8
I hope you enjoy reading it 🙂