Pastel Day



Although now I always prefer wearing something slouchy, loose and probably asymmetrical, a simple crop top was once my definitely go-to outfit during my teenage years. When I was 16, I used to buy a lot of them in different styles, but right now they just have been quietly sitting in my closet.



Photo Aug 09, 12 23 53 AM

I got this black and white grid strapless crop top 3 years ago and I was wearing it very often. Until a year ago I gradually gained weights and I came to realization that I totally could not wear any crop top no more because my belly was there. Same for this size 2 pastel skirt, it simply did not fit no more.
Until some months ago, I finally convinced myself to take care of my body and try getting back on track.  It’s true when people say that exercising and eating healthy are just complementary habits that we can practically acquire. If you regularly exercise, very naturally your mind will tell you to eat healthy. (I also have been sharing a few fitness, skincare and bodycare tips on my instagram recently. Check those out if you’re interested!)
Last week, a notion suddenly bumped into my mind – I pulled out all of those unfitting clothes from my closet and tried them on. Viola! Here is my weekend outfit from last week. By the way, as much as I love the edgy look of  black and white, I love the classy feel of pastel as well. To make the look even more sophisticated, try on a split skirt as the one that I am wearing. Bon Weekend!



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