Fashion people always love telling us “Stop Following The Boring Trend!” But what if a particular trend that we are talking about is, in my opinion, well-suited as part of my personal style?

Well I am sure many of you may have already noticed the bare/cut-off/ cold shoulders are everywhere around us. Vaguely recalling to my memory, the cold shoulders were originated from last spring runway shows (or even one season earlier?) I don’t really remember, but one thing I’m pretty sure is that you are going to see them excessively frequent as I already did. Yes, they’ve hit the mass market, and there is a  reason why – it offers the special sensuality that women commonly chase after.



I obviously don’t have that kind of model-like bone structure and my shoulders are very round when compared to my sister, (hers are not any better than me, in fact. Both of our shoulders are round! :p) but since the cold shoulders usually let your clavicle flash out in visibility, I could honestly admit that it deceptively creates an illusion that you look skinnier than you actually are. Although personally I prefer to look slim and stay fit, I am definitely not saying that you look good only if you’re skinny! It is simply my suggestion to let your clavicle do the trick if you are going to start wearing the cold shoulders this summer 🙂



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