Almost everyone has asked me the same question: Why are you putting on your …pajama? Yes, I won’t deny that this silver blouse looks exactly like what I have been seeing worn by my mother every night back at home 4 years ago, but unfortunately, this is also what I’d like to wear for this season.

special edit

So here is my little tip of how to pull together a pj’s style without looking too……(well fit in any adjective you can think of when you see someone’s wearing pajama so wrongly on 5th avenue.) The key is to keeping everything slouchy & disheveled. This is why I chose to wear these wide-legged high-waisted pants. You don’t want to put on a pj’s top matching with a super short, tight mini skirt, or even if you have mistakenly done so, try to wear some pairs of heel free slippers to balance out the “dressed-up” part.
Even better, put on this silver thin scarf  to give a polished touch in contrast to the whole messy outfit.

IMG_4233 (2)





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