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Rarely would I blog about fitness, as i personally include it as the most basic, daily activity in my life that I just don’t have much excitement to talk about. (imagine how excited you can get by just talking about brushing your teeth in a morning? Or maybe it’s true that I would love to save this blog for blogging about all the creatives)
But today I just feel like being a little educator about Greek Yogurt – a holy food that I will not agree to miss in my diet!
My first Greek Yogurt experience dates back to 2 years ago when I first moved here in New York from California. I was walking down a street in Soho and I was instantly intrigued by a fancy yogurt house located to my opposite street. People inside the house were obviously chilling, holding their fancy bowls of yogurt as if they were enjoying a high-tea time in a fancy cafe. I was amazed by this brilliant business idea that the yogurt house has acquired all elements what girls are constantly seeking for! It has a nice decor, and the assorted yogurt bowl (with fascinating, colorful toppings) is a complete satisfaction for girls’ craving of sweet treats. Not to mention the place offers us a place to catch up with our besties in a typical weekend hangout.
I later turned more serious with this thing. I usually start my morning by eating greek yogurt 3-4 times a week (alternating with oats and boiled eggs as breakfasts in other days.) The reason why I decided to substitute my breakfast with greek yogurt is simple, as I believe it brings significant health benefits:
1. Greek yogurt is packed with 3 times more protein than regular yogurt (also on sat. fats), and with its creamy and         tangy texture it definitely helps me to stay full till noon! Most of the time I have greek yogurt after a long workout       as its rich protein helps to restore my damaged muscles, and again it keeps me full so I don’t have to intake extra         calories before dinner.
2. Greek yogurt is also packed with probiotics which is great for our intestines and digestive system. These are                 actually the good bacteria functioning in our body which potentially helps to strengthen our immune system.
This is probably one food that will forever remain as part of my diet. But make sure you carefully choose the right one for yourself among different brands and favors! A cup of yogurt with large sugar content can ruin your diet effort, and that’s why I always stick to the “Plain” option.

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