Somewhere inside my styling mind along the transformation path from a girl to an independent woman lies a forcing signal that I should get rid of all the girly minidresses.
Hope that everyone who’s reading this blog right now had spent a great time in Valentines! For me this valentines feels really different yet special because I am no longer in a relationship, so I have decided to share a little of my inside world about being an independent individual after ending my 6-year relationship.

People always say: Love makes you blind. Ok, I won’t deny that, but for me love actually makes you blind to all  the bad things that don’t even worth your attention. I remember when I was in such a positive relationship I didnt even get close to any feelings of depression, inferiority or negative self-judgement. There’s someone to whom you can confide and reveal all your true thoughts and worries without a second thought. There’s someone who  lives in your mental world and always be there with you. ….
But on the other hand, getting out of this mental bonding I have become the one to benefit since I was forced to become stronger in dealing with any possible happenings in life. With my 21st birthday just passed, I had made a very simple birthday wish. I simply hope that all of my courage, strength and dream will keep staying with me 🙂
And may all of you couples stay sweet and sound forever!




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