I throw myself deep back to the London nostalgia while I am now writing this blog entry. 

This was the second last day of my visit to London back in July. On that day I visited the Tower Bridge, had great food and picture time with my dearest friends in London.
It is not the first time that I told people how important this London trip means to me, for the reason that I came to realization the real meaning of travelling for myself.
For some people, travelling simply means fun
For some others, travelling may mean new adventure, new things and new attempts.
But for me, travelling means a reflection of art. Seeing talented people putting their ideas of art into the construction of every form of objects, the buildings, the street art, the way people express fashion, the artistic things being sold at some special stores, I came to  realization that “Every Men is a Creator”. Inspiration leads people to explore their creative mind. Art are  then being created with the very initial ideas and design of these people, and at last their ideas are being presented to the world, which gives inspiration for the next round of people. It acts like a circulation. This is the reason why I love travelling, as it takes me into this circulation and be part of it, lets me develop and express my ideas by fashion.
I can’t wait for my next trip to a new art world 🙂


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2 thoughts on “MY DAYS IN LONDON

  1. What a great blog post! This is coming from a guy who does not really understand fashion or art, but the intricate way you wove your words really inspire me to take another look into this world. The paragraph where you stated that every man is a creator and that each piece of art comes from an inspiration that explores ones creative mind which then lends inspiration for the next round of people was especially powerful. This post has achieved exactly what you witness in your travels as it has inspired me to explore what the world is like in your perspective. Keep on writing, your blog is a beautiful work of art that will inspire many many more people!

    • Dear ryan i am very happy to hear that!
      thanks you giving me endless encouragement that I want to continue to do what i am doing now because there”s someone expecting your work 🙂

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