Life Back at Home

Truly happy that I can spend my time with this little cutie again
Hello Everyone! Sorry for leaving this blog empty for almost two weeks! As I recently got back to my hometown – Macao for my summer vacation, things around me have never been easy, though i thought they would be 😦 But it’s ok! Things are gonna be better within these two months!
Say bye to NYC for two months! All we should leave some time  for our families right? ;> And of course, my dearest, most loving friends back here 🙂
So, I am picking up writing again by sharing my recent life in Macao! As some of you may have noticed, lately I have a great inclination towards long pants! Yes .. as a matter of fact (which is really cruel.. ), I did gain some weights, again. It’s like an inevitable routine that every time I reunite with all of my dears I just lose control with my eating order! So.. I better do a little bit cover up before I work hard again to re-shape the body:p
回到澳門快兩個星期了,說實話這次回家有很多不如意的事發生,近日心情也大受影響,不過不要緊,我相信更好的事一定會發生在這兩個月內令我這趟回澳之旅變得跟以往一樣精彩 :)
所以這次跟大家分享一下近照吧!最近回到澳門我都經常穿長褲上街,因為…哈哈在紐約真的沒怎樣感覺到自己胖胖的,但回到這邊幾乎街上每個女生都比你瘦很多的感覺真的不怎麼好受呀T^T 不過其實我知道這根本只是一個循環,因為我開心時對吃東西是完全沒有自制能力的!能夠看見我所有身邊的"親愛的人"我是比較看重開心的感覺喇,所以在再度努力之前就先好好掩飾一下吧!


In Hong Kong Central
I know that the back side of these pants are not shown in the picture, but they are divided into the front part (which is black in color)  and the back part ( Which is white)
I love these pants a lot since they are made with light fabric ! So I think it’s perfect for summer if you would like to wear something more boyish
(Picture being taken in Hong Kong^^)



recently obsessed with milky orange lips 🙂



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