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The very first incident I encountered after landing at the Las Vegas Airport last month (April) was that.. my luggage had been loaded up to the wrong flight!
It took me 3 hours to wait for my luggage, so in the meantime we decided to go a fantastic Italian restaurant for dinner, a restaurant with gorgeous interior design!
Ok back to my point, why did I name this post “Las Vegas all-time Fashion”? Seriously this was the second time for me to  realise that almost every girl in Las Vegas dresses in a single, direct, predictable style. (my boyfriend and me call it Casino Chics Uniform xD) But I can totally see why! The first reason must be the weather.. it’s just too hot to put on any fashionable clothing on yourself! And the second reason I think it’s kind of interesting, that is, most of the night clubs and restaurants in Vegas have a dress code ( that means you have to dress up in order to enter to the place and have dinner or drink) Btw this time we chose to stay in two different hotels: 1.Cosmopolitan Las Vegas and 2. Palm Casino Resort. Obviously Cosmopolitan has a better standing and is more renowned in Vegas, but I definitely prefer Palms over Cosmo! Palms provides everything you need as if you are living in your own apartment, you can even cook and bake with all the utensils available in the room!
I have packed four spring outfits in my luggage but I ended up having a silly notion that I didnt want to wear anything at all! The weather in Vegas was crazily hot and stuffy, so most of the pieces that i brought over to Vegas from my wardrobe in New York became  instantly and totally unwearable..
So guess what…! I finally aligned myself with their “tradition” and dressed up exactly like one of them! xD
上個月第一時間到達拉斯維加斯機場發生的事件竟然是我的行李被寄存到另多一存飛機上!當我被告知要等3個小時才能拿回我的行李,我跟Philippi就立刻趕到去一間裝潢很美麗的意大利餐廳吃個晚飯,很想念那家的Pasta 呀!!!
這次想跟大家分享說一下的事就如大家看到標題一樣:拉斯維加斯女生的清一色衣著, 哈哈
十個女生從你身邊經過十個都是打扮成為一式一樣衣著的“賭場女性“, 同一樣的很少布,同一樣的很性感, 同一樣的極度貼身
但其實這不難理解的,因為那邊的天氣實在是難以忍受的熱! 而且夜店或賭場裡面的餐廳大部份都有著裝標準, 例如去夜店的女隊子一定要穿高跟難,男的要打呔, 去餐廳不可以穿拖鞋這類的要求! 另外的題外話,這次我們入住了 1. Cosmopolitan Las Vegas 和 2. Palms Casino Resort 這兩間酒店, Cosmopolitan在那邊算比較新穎的酒店,但我其實非常喜歡像palms一樣有些少住宅式的感覺,如果有朋友下次去LAS VEGAS玩的,我很推薦Palms這間呀^_^
Arriving at the airport at night
Picture taken in Town Square in Las Vegas! It’s ‘TOWN Square’, not the one that’s in New York which is ‘TIME Square’ :p
This is the Italian restaurant that I mentioned above
nice decor!!
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My makeup was literally melting down just within a breakfast time…8
I hope you enjoy reading it 🙂

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