Spring Favorites – Trending for Spring 2014

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Hi everyone! It has been a week since my last update! Today I wanna talk about the doughnut fashion!
Ok I am just kidding, but seriously I have read an article two days ago that it talks about how to catch up with the latest fashion trend by posing with McDonald food in pictures, since the latest Moschino runway has sprung up the trend of McDonald Clothing. (If you are not sure what is it about, google “Moschino Mcdonald”, it’s fun and worth your time of doing so!)
Hello一個星期沒更新了,所以今天決定要趕上進度!今天我想跟大家討論一下 “甜甜圈”
我想最新一季Moschino Fall 2014的確帶動了這個風潮,大家如果未看這個collection的話快點去GOOGLE一下吧!很多很有名的blogger都有穿上這一系列的衣服, 是蠻有趣的一個COLLECTION.

15 cover

In fact I am sharing an outfit that I wore when I did my shopping at around 59 Street. And of course, it’s also a sharing of my typical Tuesday.
One of the biggest trend for Spring 2014 is the element of “See-Through” , and I believe you must have realised this trend as more and more people are trying to own at least one piece of see-through in their wardrobe (This is what I can see in the past few months). So I would love to share with you guys my SPRING FAVORITES:
see-through blouse, and
a two-layer skirt (which is, another big trend for the season!)
Honestly, see-through clothing has become my fetish since two or three ago (not kidding! lol) But it definitely requires a little, simple technique when you are trying to master your piece of see-through, that is — Do not obsessively wear the see-through pieces (that’s the common mistake that most girls would make because they love the see-through TOO MUCH!). It’s the simplest but most genuine advice!
今天是想跟大家分享一下我很喜歡的打扮,也分享那天我到了57 街附近購物和尋找美食!
而在上一季的時裝秀Spring 2014也會頻頻看到這種透視設計,但說真的,兩三年前我已經非常非常喜歡透視裝haha
但過份穿搭透視的衣服會反而造成美感大失,最容易看到這個錯誤就是當你衣服透視的那部份/範圍太大質地太薄! 看上去便會有些少許廉價的感覺,
所以最好還是把這種元素加一點到你平日的衣著上就可以了,而且透視那部份最好要選質地較硬身的布料 🙂18


4 9 DSC02505_副本 11
Cheers in a Thai restaurant at Time Square!



We arrived at a Boutique Dessert Palace with renowned Chocolate Sundae. I just fell in love with their exquisitely decorated menu

我們去到了一間非常精緻的甜品店,它們的雪糕新地是不尋常的美味! 而餐牌也是經精心設計過的,非常可愛。有誰要來NY記得叫我一起去這裡呀!


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See you next time!



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