Winter Essential

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Winter is the only season which puts me into a painful dilemma ! Honestly I can hardly stand with the coldness here in NY. Wearing something nice would almost be impossible for me as I usually wrap myself up with layers of clothes, wear a pair of leggings under my extra thick pants! But thanks God that he gave me a fairly warmer weather that I had a chance to dress up a little bit on last Friday. I spent my day in Soho doing shopping with my friend, Rebecca and my boy, Philippi. He had come from Las Vegas for a short visit.
I was wearing a fur coat just trying to keep myself warm. Under the coat I was wearing nothing but a simple white blouse. Sometimes I do realize people who wear they furry coats would wrongly wear a very thick-textured clothing under, like a cardigan or a knitwear. But I think when we are doing the mix-and-matching, it’s very important to emphasize and contrast the textures that we are using. This can be extremely critical whether you can create style or not. The fullness of a furry coat won’t work well with the thick cardigan, as it only leads to redundancy. So my little advice about wearing furry coats would be: try to mix and match different textures and you will by chance achieve the contrasting effect that we want! In fact this thick-to-thin contrasting rule does not only apply to the time we wear furry coats but any piece of thick-texture clothing!


紐約的冬天真的會令我極度懊惱,  很不容易才會等到天朗氣清的一天可以將自己打扮得稍為漂亮, 不然都要用一件又一件超厚的毛衣包自己起來,再穿上兩條褲子!所以在這邊,一件能夠保暖的毛毛大衣絕對是生活必需品!這是上個禮拜在SOHO逛街的一天 (幸好那天不太冷!)


—> 大衣穿搭建議:利用不同衣服的材質和厚薄度去制造對比作用,便能較突顯時尚感


You can see I am really doing everything to seize some warmth! Getting a hot Green Tea Latte  from Starbucks would be one of my favorite ways to avoid my hands getting frozen.

Starbucks 的bGreen Tea Latte最近成為了我的新伙伴,但要減肥的女孩們別忙了要叫 “skinny” + “no sugar” 哦








If you have any problems regarding your personal styling I will be happy to help! Just don’t hesitate to let me know! I will see you next time!

如果大家有什麼關於穿衣服的問題都可以告訢我,我都會儘量給大家提供一下意見 :)


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