MOU IN STYLE – A Blog by Chrisitine Mou


MOU IN STYLE – A Blog by Christine Mou


Hi Everyone! This is Christine 🙂  Today I’ve got two important news to announce, and I will start talking about the first one – The New Launch of My Blog,  MOU IN STYLE
Last year I chose to incorporate blogging as a part of my life regardless of my busy schedule.  At the very first beginning I started blogging on where I take pictures of my everyday life, doing different makeup looks and sharing my skincare information. And now I am starting this blog for sharing a more focused interest in fashion and the particular style that I love and I would wear.
And I would like to start my first post here telling a little story of myself.
By now I have been in New York for half a year (moved from Macao to California in 2012, and moved from California to New York in 2013). At the very beginning I always found myself being frustrated as everything was really disparate from what I encountered in California, the school, the people around, the living pace, etc, but seriously, never for a second that I have ever felt regretful of coming to New York. There’s something very important to me which I ultimately want to pursue, in my life. I just think that everyone in his/her life at some point must come to a time, a time for which they are able to vision their future and realize their true callings. Being lucky is not what would make you discover this turning point in your life, you have to take your courage and realize every single strength and limit you possess and continuously try to improve them. Never be afraid of knowing a “weak” you! And along the way when you pursue your goal, remember to make yourself open to any challenges.  It is true that everything we do comes with a cost, and that’s why we always have to make choices with utmost discretion, but that does not give you a stand of not trying new things just because you simply do not what to take a risk. We are just human, we cannot forever be wise and make the perfect choices, so I hope that everyone who’s reading this blog can remember this spirit – Be brave and go for what you want.
OK, enough for my story, and now I am going to tell you about the second news – The New Launch of Mouinstyle Fabrique
Accompanying with the new launch of this blog, I have also launched a new page on Facebook which is the Mouinstyle Fabrique.
I aim to create a place where you are going to be transformed into a voguish woman who has her own style and attitude. In Mouinstyle Fabrique you are able to get access to our most edgy womenswear and accessories which are actually available for sale! So stay tuned and don’t forget to click “like” and “share”! You can also add the page to your interest group so you will get immediate access to our latest news. Your support is really crucial to me, and I would like to express my genuine gratitude for those who have been supporting me unconditionally. :’)


Please CLICK HERE to like Mouinstyle Fabrique Facebook Page! If you like, you can also find me on Instagram, Youtube as well as Facebook.
MOU IN STYLE, a blog newly started, will focus more on the fashion side comparing to my previous blog. Besides, with my characteristics of positivity and perseverance I truly aspire to make an influence on my fellows to take the first step of chasing  their goals.
Have a Good One! ^^


Chinese Version…..
Hello!今天我有兩個消息想跟大家分享,先講第一個,我開始了我新的Fashion Blog — MOUINSTYLE了!
上一年我開始在 跟大家分享很多我平日的生活照,也會跟大家分享美容化妝的資訊,但一直沒有好好跟大家分享一些關於fashion方面的東西,所以現在開創這個blog的意念就是想跟大家分享多一些這方面的題材,除帶給大家分享我自己喜歡的時尚風格, 我也會分享我在美國的生活。
來了New York 大半年, 剛在這邊生活真的不太習慣, 跟上一年我在California實在有很大分差!這邊的人怎樣說也不是太友善,生活節奏很快,人來人往的感覺令到我有點孤獨,但說真的,我從來沒有後悔來到這邊,都是因為我有一個很明確的目標,一個令我可以全力去奮鬥的理由!現在我的生活很充實,除了上學,我會在外面報讀關於FASHION的課程,而我也非常幸運的找到了一份很難得的Fashion Styling的實習,見識到這個 Industry很多很多人和事,所以我很希望這個blog將會記錄著我繼續奮鬥的過程,而看這個blog的你也會感受到這種精神然而努力去追隨你自己的夢想!
MOUINSTYLE FABRIQUE主要是為大家搜羅最具自我風格的服飾,將每位女孩打造成為與眾不同的時尚人物。您也可以將專頁加到你Facebook的興趣清單來關注MOUINSTYLE FABRIQUE最新的消息^_^
您們每一位的支持對我真的是非常關鍵和重要的,所以在此我很想感謝那些一直支持我的朋友,希望你們會一直喜歡和關注MOU IN STYLE這個blog和留意 MOUINSTLYE FABRIQUE 最新的服飾產品!
當然你也可以造訪我個人的 Instagram, Youtube Facebook 🙂

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