My Favorite 6 Fashion Trends In This Early Winter


First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you spent some good times with your families or friends or at least enjoyed some well-baked turkey. Since I’m totally not fond of turkey, I spent my thanksgiving night at a really authentic Italian restaurant called La Lanterna di Vittorio in Manhattan Greenwich village. If you happen to be in New York, I seriously recommend you to try it out! They have some really good lasagne and authentic pizza that my mind just couldnt help constantly and consciously thinking about them.

Today I would like to share some of my favorite fall outfit photos that I took during my travel to California and Oregon from last week. I realize that whenever I travel I could get so serious in planning my travel wardrobe ahead, and as a result I usually tend to bring with me some of my favorite pieces because I want to make sure that I will have some amazing pictures taken by leveraging different city backdrops, not just in New York!

So below are my favorite 6 trends and styles for this early winter, and I’ll also show you how I did the mix-and-match in wearing them during my travel:

1. Asymmetric Cold Shoulder

2. Ruffles

3. Metal Heels

4. Track Pants

5. Patch Coat

6. Metal hardware accessories

Look 1:  Asymmetric Cold Shoulder   x   Ruffles   x   Metal Heels

I can never resist the charisma in Ruffles, and I would love to share with you all my all-time favorite ruffle skirt! The silhouette of a midi skirt can really help to elongate the legs and make you look much taller.



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Look 2:  Track Pants   x    Metal Hardware Accessorizing

Are you aware that the athletic-looking striped pants has been omnipresent in this season? I chose to wear the very safe black and white combination but in fact I’d love to try wearing other colors too! I paired the pants with a metal hardware belt to add some rock elements and to make the whole look not so boring.



Look 3: Patch Coat   x   Track Pants  x   Metal Heels

I purchased this patch coat from Zara, but if you want, you can totally do-it-yourself by pinning some cute patches on your existing coats. Unleash your maximum creativity!

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Last but not least, one bonus tip:

FISHNET is also huge in this season!

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Happy Holiday once again and I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

And don’t forget to be thankful for having donuts and coffee in life!




Maximizing Wardrobe Creativity

coverthe-dangling-sleevesI used to fancy a lot those polished “one-piece dresses” because they never require much of my styling effort. (I mean the 1 hour mix-and-match…) However, upon reaching the age where I must start learning how to financially support myself has made me realize that the one-piece dress is not worth my investment as much as the basic, separate pieces would do. Since then, I learned to embrace and enjoy the mix-and-match styling process much more than I would have realized the creative pleasure in it. I started to buy a lot more separate pieces of clothing instead of wasting my budget on some predictable one-piece dresses, cuz I might wear them once or twice and that’s it.. (fashion boredom is just a natural thing for girls and we simply can’t change it.)
So here’s a quick solution — buy more separate pieces and always do the mix-and-match. Always.

A little note on “detailing”: The”detailing” is key to adding extra sparkle to our outfit. If you have been following my blog, you may have noticed that I am very fond of some simple designs yet adorned with the twisted, catchy or standout details. So here’s an outfit sharing some of my recent favorite detailing– dangling sleeves & silver hardware.

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img_1657 (COVER3).jpg

Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles. I see you everywhere this season! Although we’re always told not to have something over-done (like failingly wearing too much makeup or overly accessorizing yourself), I was thinking maybe just for once I could wear ruffles from Head-To-Toe.
Everytime I wear this long ruffle skirt, I couldn’t help remembering some of my old times on the dance floor where my feet were vividly striking the steps of a dramatic Paso Doble. Inside me there lives a dancer who always enjoys expressing herself freely and artistically without having to conform to what the world expects from her. How amazing it is when clothes can actually epitomize and express some of our inner parts?




Stripes On Stripes




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14026668_836432683123642_450225757_n.jpg         IMG_9867


pic 1.JPGpic 2.JPG


Just like every typical weekend I’d spend one day walking around this city with an exciting heart. It’s been more than 3 years since I moved to New York, but thankfully this place always has something new hiding and waiting for you to explore! Whether it’s a fancy coffee shop or an invigorating juice bar! This is the outfit that I wore last Saturday. And yes……I wore a pair of  striped wide legs despite of the hot and humid air.
And here I’d love to share a little story of my life..
There was once a short period in my life where I was miserably alienating myself to this place. To even think about it right now I just want to laugh at myself for being so foolish how I used to keep myself feeling deflated all the time. I was living by myself, going to college full-time and doing an internship. Although I know this sounds as fulfilling as it should be, somehow I was feeling very empty and alone..
However, the silver lining came to me and everything changed after I started to persuade myself going out on weekends instead of snuggling in bed all day with my homework and frosted flakes chocolate cereal (Yes, I used to have it as my daily snack.) And what did I usually do outside? Well, I ran along the hudson river, spent time in some of my favorite museums, finished homework in some of the finest cafes and maybe shop around Papyrus. I pretty much walked to everywhere in the city instead of taking the subway so that I could walk past many different neighborhoods. It’s true that at the end of the day I was usually dog-tired and was literally dragging my feet back to home! But I’d still feel thankful that I took every step to discover and be inspired that “life is worth living, doing, feeling and being in it.”
Ever since I seriously hate to stay at home during weekend even in my busiest time in life! Hopefully everyone who’s reading my experience would be encouraged and to take herself out too. Go interact and spend some quality time with your own city, no matter which part of the world you are living in!


Yours Truly,


Pastel Day



Although now I always prefer wearing something slouchy, loose and probably asymmetrical, a simple crop top was once my definitely go-to outfit during my teenage years. When I was 16, I used to buy a lot of them in different styles, but right now they just have been quietly sitting in my closet.

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 Almost everyone has asked me the same question: Why are you putting on your …pajama? Yes, I won’t deny that this silver blouse looks exactly like what I have been seeing worn by my mother every night back at home 4 years ago, but unfortunately, this is also what I’d like to wear for this season.

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Somewhere inside my styling mind along the transformation path from a girl to an independent woman lies a forcing signal that I should get rid of all the girly minidresses.
Hope that everyone who’s reading this blog right now had spent a great time in Valentines! For me this valentines feels really different yet special because I am no longer in a relationship, so I have decided to share a little of my inside world about being an independent individual after ending my 6-year relationship.

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